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Four strokes teach you to buy high-quality fish feed
There are a lot of friends to buy fish feed, may understand not so detailed, can not fully understand fish feed quality, how to choose the fish feed is actually very simple, Yangzhou Hongda Feed Co. Ltd. is finishing four points can teach you to buy fish feed quality.
A look at the color, generally the same brand or the same type of feed in a certain period of time the color relatively stable, but due to a variety of feed raw materials of different colors, different manufacturers have different formulations, it is impossible to use unified standard to measure the color. When we buy the same brand of feed, if the color change is too large, should arouse vigilance. The average color yellow shows that the proportion of corn and soybean meal is large, and the color is deep, indicating that the proportion of fish meal, rapeseed meal and cottonseed meal is larger.
Two, look at the date: in the shelf life, the manufacturer is responsible for the quality of the product, farmers should be in the shelf life of the use of household products. More than the shelf life of the feed, life and other nutrients easily damaged nutrients, it is difficult to meet the growth needs of animals. And the factory shall not be held responsible for the economic losses caused by the use of the shelf life. Although some feed is high quality feed and regular manufacturers, but if more than the shelf life, the feed will inevitably deteriorate, even keeping good efficiency, vitamins and other nutrients in feed will reduce the influence of feeding effect. Should also note that the purchase of feed, the best time to buy the feed in the shelf-life can be fed.
Three, see particles: regular manufacturers of high-quality feed, mixing is very uniform, will not appear "sub pole" phenomenon, poor quality feed because of poor processing equipment, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of feed. It is easy to see the difference between the different parts of each package. Smooth surface and uniform particles, indicating good granulation and cooling.
Four, smell the smell: good concentrate should have a relatively pure fishy smell, rather than bad smell or other peculiar smell. Some of the poor feed, in order to cover up the musty flavor of some metamorphic raw materials, and add a higher concentration of essence, so some of the feed, although particularly fragrant, but not good feed. Good feed has a distinctive aroma of soybeans and corn.
Through the above four strokes method can buy fish feed quality, I hope to help you buy fish feed, Yangzhou Hongda feed Limited company in line with "science and technology to create brand, win market integrity, common development" business purpose, adhere to market-oriented, with the industry as the basis, in order to enrich the people for the purpose of sustainable development as the goal, to the standardization of production as a means to standardize enterprise management, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enhance the ability to provide high quality services for consumers, enterprises to build high-end image, establish a strong brand, as in healthy breeding and development of fishery resources in Lixiahe region play a greater role.