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Feeding tips for different fish diets
Fish feed is one of the biggest costs of fish farming. Scientific feeding methods are not only beneficial to the healthy growth and rapid weight gain of fish, but also can save feed, reduce the cost of fish farming, and effectively improve the efficiency of fish farming. There are seven kinds of fish feed, feeding methods have great know-how, the following Yangzhou Hongda Feed Co., Ltd. will introduce to you.
First, feed. Fish pellet feed is usually 2.5 to 8 millimeters in diameter and 5~10 millimeters long, which can be thrown directly into the fish pond for feeding. Feeding should be checked before, such as feed moisture, do not directly feeding, and first dry or dry, and then feeding; if feed deterioration, it is not appropriate to feed, in order to prevent poisoning after fish food.
Two, cake feed. The cake to feed the fish should be broken, soaking, grinding after feeding, feeding the fish to the maceration can.
Three. Grain feed. Large particles of grains such as corn, suitable for the fabrication of crushed fish: small particles such as grain, the grain white fish after germination, bud young high nutritional value, fish is easy to digest and absorb quickly, rapid weight gain.
Four. Green fodder. Hello to the big fish will get rid of the dirt green feed can be directly after feeding; feeding the fish should be chopped or beating, plus 0.2% of the salt mix, it will feed the green feed chopped cooked, mix the right amount of bran, soda, more love to eat fish.
Five, Zaokang feed. Feed the fish will feed Zaokang macerated pulp feed to fish are advised to ferment it to have the flavor of wine when feeding. First feeding, a small amount of feeding, and then gradually increase the amount, but should not exceed 30% of the total daily feed.
Six. Protein feed. Earthworms, maggots, insects and other fish are good animal protein feed can be directly fed, can also be processed into dried powder with other fish feed. For massive animal feed, it should be chopped, ground, and joined with adhesive, made small group feeding.
Seven, fecal feed. Chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung and so on are all good feeds for fish. After the excrement is dried, ground into powder, and then according to a certain proportion, the utility model can be used with other feeds. Use ratio should not be too high, generally chicken manure 40% ~ 50%, cow dung 50% ~ 70%, pig manure 30% ~ 50% is appropriate.
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