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Teach you to identify the quality of fish feed products
With the temperature and water temperature rising, farmed fish began to feed feed, feed quality is directly related to the success or failure of aquaculture. There are many ways to distinguish between good and bad fish feed. Yangzhou Hongda Feed Co., Ltd. specializing in the production and sale of fish feed, here mainly to introduce the appearance inspection method, you can more quickly and intuitively determine the quality of feed.
, package or label, mainly to see whether the feed name, nutrition, guaranteed value of net, net weight, production date, shelf life, factory name, site and standard, see feed particle size, shape, color, uniformity, no contamination, whether processing overheating metamorphic coking discoloration, whether there is no caking, no mildew, pest.
Two, if the feed moldy corruption, protein decomposition, oil rancidity or overheat coking can smell smell.
Three, with a little feed sample is placed on the tongue, can determine the drying procedure (water) or no smell, no stimulation, no sand.
Four, hand feeling, judgment of feed texture and dry degree.
Five, will feed into the jar to shake shake, hear the voice said simply, low moisture content and drying.
With the application of several in the examination of the above method, high quality feed without musty, no stimulation, with oil smell, no foreign body, uniform particles, with less water and dry.
Six, finished feed should be good gloss, color, uniform particles, no smell. Pellet feed after crush can observe its grinding uniformity, impurity etc..
Seven, a small amount of pellet feed into the water, to see the rate of divergence in the water,
Some of the above methods allow you to quickly identify the quality of fish feed, I hope to help you, buy fish and feed time also pay more attention to. Yangzhou Hongda Feed Co., Ltd. specializing in the production and sale of fish feed for many years, has a wealth of production experience, feed quality is guaranteed, if you have the demand for fish feed, you can call to understand!