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The advantages of fish used in puffed feed
Yangzhou Hongda feedstuff Co., Ltd. mainly produces fish, shrimp and crab feed products. According to the actual situation of the design of biological characteristics of different breeding objects and different culture areas, using computer formula, crushing, proportioning, mixing, granulating, tempering, curing, cooling, screening and other process of refining, the company has experienced many years of R & D and production of fish with puffed feedstuff. Here we will introduce the fish with the advantages of puffed feed. Fish used in puffed feed mainly has the following advantages:
First, extrusion can significantly reduce the content of free gossypol in cottonseed and cottonseed meal, and also have good detoxification effect on glucosinolates in rapeseed meal, ricin and denatured protein in castor bean meal.
Two: in the process of hot extrusion, humidity, pressure and various mechanical action can improve the feed in starch gelatinization, damage and softening the cell wall structure of the fiber, the release of digestible material part of being surrounded and combined, so as to improve the feed efficiency.
Three: the extrusion process, appropriate heat treatment can inactivate some protease inhibitors such as anti trypsin, urease, eliminating side effects of protease inhibitor on animal protein, while the hydrogen bonds in the secondary bonds and other destruction and degeneration. The denatured protein molecules were fibrous, flow stagnation, and increased the animal enzyme contact more easily hydrolyzed, thus beneficial to aquatic animal digestion and absorption, so as to improve the feed efficiency.
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