ADD: Gan duo Industrial Park in Jiangsu city of Gaoyou Province
YANGZHOU AMBITIOUS FEED CO.,LTD. is a set of scientific research and production as one of the private enterprises, located in the eastern suburbs, a land flowing with milk and honey, near according to post Hing Road, Sumiko River, water and land transportation convenience, in 2002 completed and put into production, covers an area of 56 acres, a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan. There are 6 production lines, production capacity of 8-10 million tons, the domestic advanced automatic production lines, specializing in the production of fish, shrimp, crab series feed.
Company production of fish, shrimp, crab series feed products, excellent choice of materials, designed according to the actual situation of different breeding object of biological characteristics and different area farmed by computer formula, the crushing, batching, mixing, conditioning, granulation, curing, cooling, screening and other refining, feed nutrition is comprehensive, balanced, high utilization rate, the breeding of fish, shrimp, crab, beautiful appearance, neat, high commodity value is the ideal green food. Products in addition to selling Gaoyou, Xinghua, Jiangdu, Baoying, Yancheng, Dongtai and other surrounding counties and cities, and radiation to the Anhui, Shandong, Nantong, Zhejiang part of the county.
The company technical force is abundant, mainly relying on the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences Wuxi Freshwater Research Center, Shanghai Fisheries University and Yangzhou University Animal Science and Technology Institute and other research institutions for collaborative units years to employ more than well-known professor as technical adviser. The company has 5 professors, master 3, have college education accounted for 70%, the company with its advanced technology, advanced production technology and equipment, advanced production management, advanced feed quality and first-class technical services in establishing a strong brand, to win the broad masses of farmers favor at the same time, has won the Jiangsu Province, feed quality qualified products, brand-name products in Yangzhou City, Yangzhou city consumer satisfaction with the goods, Yangzhou City, measuring the quality of the letter products, Gaoyou city outstanding enterprises and Gaoyou City Bureau of agriculture and forestry "assured feed" wait for a title, and in 2006 passed the ISO9001 quality system demonstration.
Spirit of "science and technology to create brand, win market integrity, seeking common development" business purpose, adhere to market-oriented, to industry as the basis, for the purpose of enriching the people, take the sustainable development as the goal, to the standardization of production means, and constantly standardize enterprise management, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enhance the ability to provide high-quality services to consumers, enterprises build high-end image, to build a strong brand, as in Lixiahe region healthy aquaculture and fisheries development resources play a greater model leading role.